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Abi's baby is delivered via cesarean section. As revenge, Babe sends Ben a letter, telling him of the fake pregnancy. She is distraught when he chooses Mandy but Mandy is unhappy and admits she does not love Ian and leaves.

Lauren uses Emma's case notes and becomes suspicious as to who killed her. However, when Abi finds a present that Ben has got for Paul, she realises he has feelings for Paul and confides in Babe, who helps her to publicly announce that she is pregnant. Ben and Abi continue their relationship, but Ben is still secretly seeing Paul. They agree to tell Jane that she miscarried.

The Beales agree to keep it a secret from him. They split up, but remain friends. Carol visits Max in prison, where he informs her that the reason he thinks Abi killed Lucy is because she attacked and beat her on the night of the murder. When she later sees Ben being comforted by Paul, she feels uneasy. He wants to begin a relationship but Lucy is more interested in Max.

Bobby Beale is returning to EastEnders, with a new actor joining the cast the show has confirmed. Fictional character from the British soap opera EastEnders. Later, Abi catches Ben and Louise arguing and assumes it is over the letter, and she inadvertently reveals she was never pregnant, language body but Ben was referring to Phil's credit card.

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Abi Branning

Search results for who is lucy dating in eastenders

In an argument between Jay and Dexter, Abi discovers that on their holiday Jay kissed a barmaid while they were arguing over the suspected pregnancy. Despite being innocent, Max turns himself in and is formally charged while Ben is released. Fitzgerald, in her first major television role, began filming for the soap in May and made her first on-screen appearance in July. However, when he tries to press her for sex, she panics and returns to Walford, telling Ian that Craig assaulted Patrick. Monday, sms May Karen tries to reason with Mitch She thinks he needs to tell Bailey the truth about her mum's death.

While on holiday with Jay and their friends, Abi thinks she could be pregnant. You start thinking about it when she gets to the third audition, but when the agent rang up and said she had got the part it was an overwhelming feeling. The rest of her family are getting all the juicy stuff right now, but Abi's destined for great dramatic things. Abi locks Babe in the kitchen freezer room as an act of revenge, although Babe frames her sister Sylvie Carter Linda Marlowe who she strongly dislikes and has Alzheimer's disease.

Amy-Leigh Hickman and Shaheen Jafargholi

Who it could be and the reason why worries the Beales and their guests. Lucy is shaken when Max shows her photographs of them kissing and reveals that someone e-mailed them to him. Abi discovers a letter from Sharon's birth mother and Sharon says that she intends on meeting her birth father after discovering that her mother has died. Bobby has been in a detention centre ever since, and is now set to make his return to Albert Square in the summer.

Search results for pornstars who is lucy dating in eastenders

Lauren eventually learns the truth about Abi and Steven's affair when she catches Abi wearing her wedding dress. Monday, May Mick continues to keep an eye on Mitch Mitch is still going through a tough time after Dinah's death. Cindy receives, as a present from a mysterious sender, Lucy's jewellery box. He phoned soap bosses to complain and they admitted they could have handled things a lot better.

Search results for who is lucy dating in eastenders

  • However, Lauren becomes more supportive.
  • After her break up with Jay, Abi becomes a much nastier and bitter person.
  • Abi tries to persuade Ben into moving but he refuses, saying he needs to be there for alcoholic Phil, and Abi tells Louise that Ben will always believe his girlfriend over his sister.

At the hospital Abi tells Steven he is going to be a father. However, she later confides in Jay that she has been lying, as not to disappoint her family. When she returns several weeks later, things to know she finds out that Jay has been involved in the murder of Heather Trott Cheryl Fergison.

EastEnders real-life romances 6 couples who found love in Albert Square

Abi and Steven continue an affair and Abi learns that Steven is lying about having a brain tumour so that Lauren will not leave him. Steven declares his love for her and makes a promise that he will make their relationship work. Thursday, speed dating calgary feb 14 May Martin loses his temper Kush is in the firing line.


Monday, May Bex confides in Louise Kush is still very much on her mind. The actors were told days before filming their final scenes that they would be leaving. Lucy is jealous and splits them up by spiking Lauren's drink with vodka, making Joey believe that Lauren is drinking excessively. Bobby is also the nephew of Ben Mitchell, who is also a killer, while his grandmother is Kathy Beale.

EastEnders Lucy Benjamin returning as Lisa Fowler

Lauren is arrested but Lucy decides not to press charges. Lucy swears she knows nothing about it. Ian discovers the truth and convinces Lucy to come home and banishes Steven.

EastEnders Lucy Benjamin returning as Lisa Fowler

Upset at the accusation, Abi says that she wishes Lauren died instead and that she never deserved Steven. Lauren discovers that Ian is homeless but Lucy refuses to see him. Monday, May Karen is frustrated when she can't get through to Mitch He's not listening to her advice. Babe later leaves Walford after being thrown out by her family, so Abi runs the kitchen alone.

Joey starts dating Lauren, his cousin. Abi starts dating Jordan, but months later he is attacked by Ben with a spanner, leaving him in a coma. Lucy and Craig are attracted to one another, and despite Craig being five years older than Lucy, they begin dating.

They go to buy a new one, but they have a car crash on Greg and Tanya's wedding day. Lauren discovers Lucy was killed at home and writes this in a card to Ian and Jane. Emma, no longer on the case officially, soon discovers who she thinks killed Lucy and confronts the killer.

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Jay and Abi plan to have sex several times, but on each occasion, they are unable to go through with it. Bobby accidentally murdered his sister Lucy after a row, when he woke up in the middle of the night to find her downstairs. Babe forces her into getting drunk, and after a drunk Lee Carter Danny-Boy Hatchard compliments her, they have unprotected sex. Joey kisses Whitney, angering her. No wonder Lucy Beale has started swigging alcopops on a park bench with a bunch of hoodies.

Ian and Lucy argue about a party Lucy had in his absence. Abi decides to continue studying, but when Max goes to prison for a while she has to take a job, and struggles to find time for her studies. Seeing this, Abi calls him hypocritical, before revealing that she saw him kissing Lucy days before she was killed and they were having an affair. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Abi then gives a statement to the police.

  1. Unbeknownst to Lee and Lucy, Jake sees them through the window.
  2. Monday, May A picnic takes place at the park A happy event in Walford?
  3. Proposals Man pops the question to his girlfriend in the sweetest possible way A man has revealed how he spent months planning the perfect proposal for his girlfriend of three years.

Lucy is devastated, however, when she sees Lee kissing Whitney. Her funeral takes place, and the police continue to investigate her murder. Lauren and Abi reject Max.

Abi Branning

Did you find the story interesting? Tanya ejects Max from the family home after discovering he loves Kirsty. Believing Jay is only interested in Abi for sex, Max tries to split them up, but fails to do so. He then ends things to stay in Walford. Jay tries to make Abi see that Ben is not interested in her, but she pretends not to care about what Jay says.

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With Bailey still under suspicion from some, Dennis and his friends take revenge against the Taylors by throwing water balloons at Chatham and Riley. Abi later tests positive for chlamydia and realises that Lee may have caught it too. Abi is defensive of her father and she argues with Kirsty about it, blaming her for her family's breakdown. Lucy worries when she finds a lump in her breast, but it is benign. As a baby and toddler, Lucy was played by Eva Brittin-Snell for the first three years.

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